It’s happening this weekend! Please forward this link to anyone you feel who might be interested. We also encourage downloading the above image and sending to friends as well.

Thanks for looking, hope to see you there!


nancy-signSURFIN’ F-L-A Nancy, the sailboard I reclaimed on garbage day, has been reborn as the Altered State sign for the show! Look for this as you round the corner of the Big Orange Building on Mills (ViMi district).

We’ve been getting some questions regarding the show, so I came up with a brief synopsis of our intentions:

ALTERED STATE is the place where over-development, nature, society and creativity collide. It is a ONE NIGHT ONLY installation which features a forest of lily pad roots, a clown’s shanty home, a magically surreal painting showing man and nature together (and includes a PINK Florida panther), photography from the Central Florida region, light-projected art, the biggest cockroach you’ve ever seen, a live DJ (with possible guest DJ) and more!

$5 gets you in, there will be FREE wine (for as long as it lasts) because what’s an art opening without adult beverages? This show is not sponsored by any company or organization outside of the artists* and your support for this event is appreciated and will help in future endeavors.

*I would like to give special mention to Julio at Say It Loud for his assistance and use of the space.

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have added the work of Peg Martin to the show. Peg’s photographs were taken in this region and feature the sights (and probably sounds and smells) of central Florida. We are very happy to have photography represented and these are some great images.

Earlier this week we confirmed to location for the event, which will be at the rear of Say It Loud (the Big Orange Building on Mills), on Saturday, February 28, 2009.

Also stay tuned for a possible update concerning another artist who’s work we look forward to featuring in the show.

Things are shaping up for a fantastic night, and we are working on making the Altered State exhibit unlike anything seen in the area.