Altered State 2 Lab 88 Futuristic art installation

Patricia Coyle

Peg Martin


One Response to “About the show and artists”

  1. fengi Says:


    I came down from Chicago on a visit, and I was pleased by the show.

    I have a preference for sculpture and installation, having grown up around theme parks. Morgan’s work captured my feelings about my Orlando childhood. My favorite items involved work with lights: the giant roach, the lily pad installation and the rotating “let’s go” piece.

    The lily pad piece really worked with whoever was the DJ when I was there (around 9:15-9:45). The installation employed a few simple items carefully arranged to evoke the complexity of being under water, and the DJ was mixing tunes with deliberately muddy distorted bass lines and scratchy record effects. The sonically swampy music was a serendipitous addition to the structure. If you ever do it again, you should be sure to have a soundtrack with those sort of sounds.

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