I know it’s been quite awhile. I know. The Twin Peaks Party/Fundraiser went well. No thanks to the Lodge and a bitchy bartender. Hey we had fun, and thank you again to everyone who came out. I know it had been a crappy rainy week, but I was wrapped in plastic! I could have protected everyone in the rain. We raised a little bit of dough and that will go towards Altered State 2 which is being discussed. I have my own project I want to work on first before we dive back into a colossal event.

Joseph and I over the years have had blog(s). When we started out on our first project together-the Wedding Project we had one blog together. It was a traveling journal. Then when we moved down to Orlando we started Folie a Deux, and since our art show, it’s been Altered State. It’s all so confusing. I don’t know where to look. Just recently Joseph has been re-visiting his old design site he started back in NY.  Here’s what I’m thinking. I’m going back to to my paintergirl blog, then when there is Altered State news to report, that will be the blog to check. So allow me a chance to clean up paintergirl and get rid of some naughty bits and I will lead you on a crazy path that is my brain. xo