The posters arrived! Aside from a few details, I like how they turned out. Considering that I don’t remember much about designing these materials, due to other stuff going on at the same time, I think they’ll serve their purpose. There was a poster taped to the outside of the shipping box, and I like how it got all scuffed up.


They say you gotta suffer for your art and it’s TRUE! Look at the cuts and contusions on my poor mitts. Plus the wire I am using is coated with grease which doesn’t wash off easy. My finger tips are also very sore from twisting wire and stitching pieces together (but you can’t see that). This cockroach is turning into a real labor of love.


Finally, I wanted to share a peek of Paintergirl contemplating the sign for the show. It’s just masked-off now, but will be spray-painted soon.