Patti recently finished putting together the 11 foot paper lanterns and did some tests with lighting them. Although the purple lights probably won’t be used in the finals, they are beautiful nonetheless. The results are here to see for yourself.


I spent some more time covering my palmetto bug frame with chicken wire and attaching the interior lights. My arms look like I tried to give the cat a bath or have a serious drug habit–and I was wearing gloves too! Hopefully my wounds will heal up a little before I have to finish up this bit. I am not looking forward to sticking my hands into that razor wire again. The work went a little easier thanks to the portable record player I brought out to the carport. A little English Beat and Dylan and vinyl made the time go quickly.


With all this work it is hard to believe this show will be up for one night only. Not sure what the other artists have in mind if they have to take their pieces home, but what are we going to do with 36 11-foot lanterns and an eight-foot cockroach?