February 2009

Our web stats have logged a noticeable increase in traffic recently and we could not have done it with out the support of the people listed below. Thanks for the mentions and for promoting the Altered State event!

DailyCity (Mark Baratelli’s awesome and valuable site. Not bad for an actor!)

Don’t Sleep Orlando (Another vital Orlando blog)

Lot 1433 (Artist and curator Andrew White’s arts blog)

Orlando Sentinel

WFTV (thank you, Craig and Stacey!)

Jeers to Morrissey for canceling his concert, which happened to be the day after our show. Thanks, Mozza, now I don’t believe in nothing no more! (We really wish him the best and hope he recovers quickly. Come back, Morrissey, and all is forgiven)



It’s happening this weekend! Please forward this link to anyone you feel who might be interested. We also encourage downloading the above image and sending to friends as well.

Thanks for looking, hope to see you there!

nancy-signSURFIN’ F-L-A Nancy, the sailboard I reclaimed on garbage day, has been reborn as the Altered State sign for the show! Look for this as you round the corner of the Big Orange Building on Mills (ViMi district).

We’ve been getting some questions regarding the show, so I came up with a brief synopsis of our intentions:

ALTERED STATE is the place where over-development, nature, society and creativity collide. It is a ONE NIGHT ONLY installation which features a forest of lily pad roots, a clown’s shanty home, a magically surreal painting showing man and nature together (and includes a PINK Florida panther), photography from the Central Florida region, light-projected art, the biggest cockroach you’ve ever seen, a live DJ (with possible guest DJ) and more!

$5 gets you in, there will be FREE wine (for as long as it lasts) because what’s an art opening without adult beverages? This show is not sponsored by any company or organization outside of the artists* and your support for this event is appreciated and will help in future endeavors.

*I would like to give special mention to Julio at Say It Loud for his assistance and use of the space.

The posters arrived! Aside from a few details, I like how they turned out. Considering that I don’t remember much about designing these materials, due to other stuff going on at the same time, I think they’ll serve their purpose. There was a poster taped to the outside of the shipping box, and I like how it got all scuffed up.


They say you gotta suffer for your art and it’s TRUE! Look at the cuts and contusions on my poor mitts. Plus the wire I am using is coated with grease which doesn’t wash off easy. My finger tips are also very sore from twisting wire and stitching pieces together (but you can’t see that). This cockroach is turning into a real labor of love.


Finally, I wanted to share a peek of Paintergirl contemplating the sign for the show. It’s just masked-off now, but will be spray-painted soon.


Adriaan “Gun” Mol, musician/artist/all around tall guy, will be providing the soundscape for the Altered State show. We think of Adriaan as a latter day Renaissance man, and are happy to have him helping with the ambience. He will be providing a mix of original and existing music and sound.

You can check out his solo work as monotron on MySpace.

Also recommended is his P.R.O.D.cast (Please Respect Our Decadence) with DJ Cub.

Patti recently finished putting together the 11 foot paper lanterns and did some tests with lighting them. Although the purple lights probably won’t be used in the finals, they are beautiful nonetheless. The results are here to see for yourself.


I spent some more time covering my palmetto bug frame with chicken wire and attaching the interior lights. My arms look like I tried to give the cat a bath or have a serious drug habit–and I was wearing gloves too! Hopefully my wounds will heal up a little before I have to finish up this bit. I am not looking forward to sticking my hands into that razor wire again. The work went a little easier thanks to the portable record player I brought out to the carport. A little English Beat and Dylan and vinyl made the time go quickly.


With all this work it is hard to believe this show will be up for one night only. Not sure what the other artists have in mind if they have to take their pieces home, but what are we going to do with 36 11-foot lanterns and an eight-foot cockroach?


Linda’s inspiration and objects to be included in her installation. I don’t know about you but I really like the Swingin’ Dancers album cover and the coffee mug. I cannot wait!!

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