Due to some altercations with CityArts, I am not having Lab 88 this Third Thursday. Thank you everyone for your support. xo


What did you do on your summer vacation?

Remember those days, back in school and your teacher and friends would ask that question? I always hated it myself because we never went anywhere.

Never never never.

My dad was always tied down to the Burger Chef and all those ownership responsibilities that come with having a store. I never flew on an airplane until I was 12 and that was an exciting trip to PENNSYLVANIA. (And what did I see on that trip-The Amish. I know know fun when I see it.) I am painfully aware of how bored I was over the summer because of our current  living arrangements in the same house I grew up in. I can see the boredom in my son’s face. It’s almost like reliving my past but older and more cynical and of course having a mini-boy version of me to mirror my emotions. The only thing bearable about living here was our pool. It was lovely and the saving grace, and now…it’s filled with dirt.

So what has happened this summer?

A very hot, buggy and l-o-n-g road trip to Dog Island. A short road trip to Cocoa Beach that always ends up being so nice and hard to leave. Thanks Cape Codder!  And lot’s of house fixer-upping. I had Lily Pad Forest up at CityArtsFactory for almost 2 months. And now work begins for some new projects.

And now I have to ask-What did you do over the summer?

We are here and functioning, which is good considering where we are. I have very serious ideas about the next Altered State 2. If you have something in mind around the idea of the FUTURE 2020, please write me and we’ll talk. peace out, P xo


I know it’s been quite awhile. I know. The Twin Peaks Party/Fundraiser went well. No thanks to the Lodge and a bitchy bartender. Hey we had fun, and thank you again to everyone who came out. I know it had been a crappy rainy week, but I was wrapped in plastic! I could have protected everyone in the rain. We raised a little bit of dough and that will go towards Altered State 2 which is being discussed. I have my own project I want to work on first before we dive back into a colossal event.

Joseph and I over the years have had blog(s). When we started out on our first project together-the Wedding Project we had one blog together. It was a traveling journal. Then when we moved down to Orlando we started Folie a Deux, and since our art show, it’s been Altered State. It’s all so confusing. I don’t know where to look. Just recently Joseph has been re-visiting his old design site he started back in NY.  Here’s what I’m thinking. I’m going back to to my paintergirl blog, then when there is Altered State news to report, that will be the blog to check. So allow me a chance to clean up paintergirl and get rid of some naughty bits and I will lead you on a crazy path that is my brain. xo


Hello everyone!

Just wanted to say we’re putting a little video together of the show. Soon, soon my pet.

And a little hint of our next thing…you’ll get to eat some doughnuts.


roachintruckHello hello

What a week. Apparently when I’m too busy doing “art shows”, my family falls apart. Not easy trying to juggle everything. So after the show and the tear-down, I had to nurse everyone, including myself back to (relatively) good health.

I have to thank EVERYONE who played a tremendous role in Altered State. If it wasn’t for my friends I just don’t know how successful a night it would have been. All the artists went above and beyond and did a beautiful job. All my love goes out to Johanna, Joseph, Linda, Morgan, Pam, Peg and Tom for all their great work. All the art worked well together and it couldn’t have been nicer. It was a great mix.

I have to give a big shout out to Adriaan and Ben for their FABULOUS soundscape. I know they were a little hidden in the Lily Pads but if it weren’t for those two, it would not have been magical. Dancing amongst the roots proved to be a special hangout. And again everything and everyone coming together made it wonderful.

Tom’s bartending skills were unprecedented and was not expected but very much appreciated. And of course thanks to all the artists who helped contribute to the wine fund.

And I cannot forget to thank Kate and Jacquie for the moving of the roach and the sailboard. I don’t know how we would haveferried it back and forth.

Julio gets a big thank you for trusting me with the space. It seemed like so long ago when I first went to propose the event to him.

Most of all I have to thank my best friend, my husband, Joseph. If he didn’t believe in me and help fund this event it never would have happened.  And the giant cockroach…I had faith that it would be perfect.

Thanks everyone! Hope to do another show soon. peace + love xo

lillys1Took the show down early today, a bittersweet experience to be sure. Here are a couple of photos from last night, more to follow soon. Check back later in the week for more snaps and video (if I can figure the dang thing out).

I cannot thank everyone enough who came by and particiapated. Everyone brought something to make it a great experience all around. The feedback has been tremendous, but we promise not to let it go to our heads. Let’s do something again soon!